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Blood Is Not Thicker Than Abuse Crew

Blood Is Not Thicker Than Abuse Crew

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So many survivors of abuse and trauma are told, “but it’s your family”. The answer to that is, “Exactly. They were my family so how could they harm me or not stand up for me?” Blood is not thicker than abuse. Abuse is not love. Wearing this very bold sweatshirt will transform those messages. Instead show survivors you’re an ally that understands that your true ‘family’ are the people that love, protect, and stand up for you when you’ve been hurt. 

Perfect for your next family reunion. Style this super warm Navy crewneck sweater, and make it abundantly clear that you are a fierce advocate for survivors. Let’s wear the truth and send the clear message that “Blood is not thicker than abuse. Families Protect!”

  • Size S: 27” length
  • Size M: 28” length
  • Size L: 29” length
  • Size XL: 30” length
  • Size 2XL: 31” length
  • Size 3XL: 32” length
  • Size 4XL: 33” length

This sweatshirt is Navy colored, 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester, is unisex, and runs true to size.

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