Why did I decide to start this shop? 
We got tired of seeing so many negative messages that tear people down and make them feel less than worthy and wonderful. So, we wanted to change the conversation and replace these negative messages with the truth - that survivors of abuse and trauma are strong, courageous, intelligent, wonderful, and worth everything. Survivors are the only expert in their experience and know what is best for them. We started this shop so we could not just tell the truth, but also wear the truth. Let's send the clear message that we stand with survivors!
Why did I start Defend Survivors?

My daughter Sarah and I started Defend Survivors after firsthand experiencing what survivors and their loved ones experience when they enter the justice system. We discovered this wasn’t just our story, but the story of so many. We also discovered that one very important thing was missing for so many survivors – respect. Our mission is to inspire communities to believe, protect, defend and respect survivors. 

 I can't wait for us all to represent the truth that we are all Worthy & Wonderful. We are with you!