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Believe The Child Sweatshirt

Believe The Child Crew (Snowflake)

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It is unbelievable that anyone would hurt a child. It is just as unbelievable that a harmed child would not be protected. When a child takes the ultimate risk to tell someone they’ve been hurt, they need to know the person they’re telling is a safe person that will take care of them.

So, we created this inspiring and adorable sweatshirt focused on standing up for the child. Wearing this empowering super warm navy crew sweatshirt will show that you are a fierce advocate for children, and send the very clear message that we “Believe, Protect, and Defend the child.”

  • Size S: 27” length
  • Size M: 28” length
  • Size L: 29” length
  • Size XL: 30” length
  • Size 2XL: 31” length
  • Size 3XL: 32” length
  • Size 4XL: 33” length

This sweatshirt is Navy colored, 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester, is unisex, and runs true to size.

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