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2024 Not This Year (Neutrals) Phone Digital Wallpaper Bundle

2024 Not This Year (Neutrals) Phone Digital Wallpaper Bundle

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Not This Year Victim Blamers. Transform your phone screen into your daily affirmation! Advocate for change by proudly displaying this wallpaper on your phone. Spark conversations, stop unwanted conversations before they start, raise awareness, and stand together with survivors around the world. Let your device be a beacon of empowerment, reminding everyone that victim-blaming has no place in our future.

Choose from four beautiful neutral-toned designs to match your unique style.

Make a statement. Make a difference. Download Now!

Note: This is a digital product. No physical items will be shipped. For personal use only.

Unique Designs

Worthy & Wonderful Shop's original designs tell the truth, empower survivors, and stop victim blaming! All designs are original done in-house and owned by Paula.


  • Instant digital download
  • High-resolution design
  • Compatible with most device screens


You will receive an email with the files attached.

Simply, hit the download button in your email,  it will either save to the camera roll or files folder on your phone/device. From there you can go into your settings save and swap out your wallpaper for your beautiful Worthy & Wonderful Shop print! 

*Please refer to your device instructions for setting wallpapers.


Due to the nature of the files, all sales are final. Please message us if your device requires a different size or file type.

*Colors may vary slightly due to different screens


All the files included are copyrighted and are only for personal use. You can download your files unlimited times but you should not physically/digitally resell or digitally redistribute the files as originals nor as modified.

This art is protected by intellectual property laws, by default; it's protected by copyright laws once penned down or created by the seller. It should be noted that this listing is classified as a written work and is treated as such under copyright laws. One cannot redistribute or sell the contents of media without the explicit permission (or a lack of an objection) of the creator of the art in question. If an art file is directly sent to you, and downloaded by you, it does not give you the right to sell or distribute it.


Don't hesitate to reach out if you’d like to purchase this design in a different color, size, or product! For example, we can print it on T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Coffee Mugs, Stickers, totes, candles + much more! Message us for customizations and bulk orders!

© Worthy & Wonderful Shop 2024 // Design owned and created by Worthy & Wonderful Shop

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Your purchase supports us @Defend Survivors to continue creating empowering content that supports survivors. Join us to tell the truth, stop victim blaming, and change the conversation to stand up for all survivors of abuse and trauma. We are with you!!

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