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2022 Year Of No Victim Blaming Black Crew

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Why is there so much victim-blaming and why doesn’t that ever change? Because we keep having the same conversations. We don’t need to have conversations about why a survivor did/didn’t do something - the answer is “because they were abused.” We don’t need to have those conversations. In 2022, we only need to discuss how to support the survivor and how to hold the perpetrator accountable. 

We created this bold sweatshirt to stop negative conversations before they start. Wearing this crew will show your support for survivors and represent the message that we do not tolerate victim blaming! 

Let's change the conversation and wear the truth this year so survivors are empowered and supported. Every time you style this super warm Black crewneck sweatshirt, you will know that you are transforming the harmful messages survivors receive. Instead, you will be making the very clear statement “2022 Year Of No Victim Blaming!”

  • Size S: 27” length
  • Size M: 28” length
  • Size L: 29” length
  • Size XL: 30” length
  • Size 2XL: 31” length
  • Size 3XL: 32” length
  • Size 4XL: 33” length

This sweatshirt is Black colored, 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester, is unisex, and runs true to size.

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